RAVENOL Mehrzweck-Getriebeöl MZG SAE 80

EP transmission oil (extreme pressure) for manual transmissions, distributor transmissions, steering transmissions as well as normal loaded axle drives.
RAVENOL Mehrzweck-Getriebeöl SAE 80 GL-4 contains high refined mineral oils which are additivated with a balanced additive combination.  Thereby a high load carrying capacity, corrosion protection and oxidation stability can be guaranteed. Because of a superior viscosity temperature behaviour, low pour points and the elimination of foam formation the use in case of different operating conditions can be provided.
The used EP additives aren’t aggressive and don’t corrode copper alloys.
Application Notes:

RAVENOL Mehrzweck-Getriebeöl SAE 80 GL-4 can be used for the transmission oils API-GL 3 / GL 4 of the SAE class 80W.

RAVENOL Mehrzweck-Getriebeöl SAE 80 GL-4 offers a quickest possible full fluid film lubrication when starting also in case of very low outside temperatures, excellent transmission efficiency and thereby low power loss.

RAVENOL Mehrzweck-Getriebeöl SAE 80 GL-4 is compatible for the lubrication of manucal transmissions, differential gears and steering transmissions in vehicles for which EP transmission oils are instructed by the manufacturer.


MIL-L-2105 D, API GL-4


MB 235.1, MAN 341 Typ Z-1, MAN 341 Typ E-1

Practice and tested in aggregates with filling:

ZF TE-ML 02A, 17A, Ford SQM-2C-9008A


RAVENOL Mehrzweck-Getriebeöl MZG SAE 80 offers:
  • A very good adhesive and extreme pressure durable lubricant film even under high loads.
  • An excellent cold flow capacity even under extreme conditions.
  • A complete compatibility of elastomers.
  • An excellent corrosion protection of all general metals of the transmission engineering.
  • A high oxidation stability.
  • An optimum corrosion protection.
  • No foam also at high engine speed.
  • Support of the faultless function of synchronous transmissions
    miscible and compatible with all brand name transmission oils.
RAVENOL Mehrzweck-Getriebeöl MZG SAE 80

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項目 單位 數值 規範
Density at 20°C kg/m³ 884 EN ISO 12185
Viscosity at 40°C mm²/s 90,9 DIN 51 562
Viscosity at 100°C mm²/s 10,7 DIN 51 562
Viscosity index VI 101 DIN ISO 2909
Flash point(COC) °C 210 DIN ISO 2592
Pourpoint °C -27 DIN ISO 3016