RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid

RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid is a special developed thermal, very heavy-duty, high-performance brake fluid at the highest DOT 4 level. The formulation is built on a cutting-edge technology with a glycol ether / ester system.

The application of a proven and tested combination of additives in connection with a basis system specifically aligned with the high-boiling range guarantees reliability even under the most extreme loads.

Application Notes:

Due to its extremely high boiling and wet boiling point, RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid is an ideal brake fluid for racing sports (cars and motorcycles). The brake system responds better, even under the most extreme conditions. In this regard, please also always observe the vehicle manufacturer is specifications.

RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid can be mix with all common brand brake fluid qualities DOT 3, 4, 5.1 and ISO 4925. However, this leads to a loss in performance, particularly in high temperature performance. In order to fully utilise the safety and performance  potential of this brake fluid for racing sports in normal road vehicles, it is strongly recommended to completely replace the brake fluid.

Quality Classifications:

RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid is tried and tested for aggregates specifying:


FMVSS No. 116 DOT 4, SAE J1704


RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid offers:
  • Optimum ABS properties.
  • Chemical stability.
  • Highest lubricating power.
  • Neutral towards brake parts.
  • Low viscosity even at low temperatures.
  • Miscibility with all brake fluids with the same specifications.
RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid

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