RAVENOL Media Award goes to Yannick Mettler

2013-10-09 08:57:28

A fast Swiss has won the RAVENOL Media Award in the 2012 ATS Formula 3 Cup season in superior style: Yannick Mettler was the driver who achieved the biggest print-media coverage beyond the motoring and motor-racing media. Mettler, who just turned 23, lives in Krien, not far from Lucerne. On 02nd December, 2012, he was presented with his award for the most extensive media coverage by RAVENOL Motorsport Director Martin Huning. 
The ATS Formula 3 Cup media award was announced for the first time, this year, with RAVENOL, series partner and exclusive lubricants supplier, acting as the award’s patron and endowing the €5,000 prize money. “It was our goal to motivate the young drivers to also work for their career aloof from the track,” revealed RAVENOL Motorsport Director Martin Huning. “After all it has been a well-known fact for quite a while, now, that driving skills alone aren’t enough for really establishing in professional motor racing, today.” 
Therefore, the young hopefuls were told to attend to the media work, establish contacts and inform the journalists as fast and precisely as possible. The RAVENOL Media Award comprises all the media coverage beyond the motoring and motor-racing media. And Yannick Mettler was particularly successful, in this area. After every event, he provided the jury with the respective proofs. 
“I’m really delighted that Yannick is the one who secured this award,” said series coordinator Bertram Schäfer. “He is a very likeable young driver who made major progress, this year. And the fact that he does not only care for improving as a driver but also focuses on delivering in the environment of our sport underlines his character.” 
The booth of Team Rennsport Rössler attracted a particularly big interest on the first Sunday of the Essen Motor Show. There, Yannick Mettler was presented with the newly created RAVENOL Media Award trophy and - of course - the €5,000 cheque. “I’m aware that being supported by strong partners is of major importance,” said the 23-year old Swiss. “With RAVENOL, an important manufacturer of lubricants is involved in the ATS Formula 3 Cup as exclusive partner of the series and now, I even have got a special relationship with them.”

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